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    Company Profile

    CV Mulya Jatra founded in 2013, and in 2006 stood PT Mulya Jatra is therefore actively involved in the activities of Maintenance & Repair Reconditioning Transformator which includes Transformers, Transformer Oil Treatment And Maintenance substation. In addition, also take part in a wide range of other electrical projects. Inside the journey, Mulya Jatra has completed a number of projects Transformer Maintenance and Repair, Construction jobs are also related to the medium-scale electricity.
    Mulya Jatra have consolidated and increased human resources continuously, also continue to improve the equipment in accordance with the latest technological developments. This company has been a partner of PT PLN (Persero) since 2002 until now, and has established collaborations with several major industry and other strategic, especially in East Java.

    PT. Mulya Jatra

    Head Office:

    Jl Kyai Nawawi 51, Wadung Asri, Waru, Sidoarjo, Jawa Timur
    Ph/fax : +62318666402, +6231 8688959 / +6231 8672119

    Jakarta Branch:

    Babussalam no 19 Tangerang, Banten
    Ph/Fax : +62199984739/+62155932881

    Email: info@mulyajatra.com

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