MY Smartlock is a security system consist of hardware such as keys and padlocks which are managed integrated with software through Android and IOS based mobile applications with a centralized management system that helps provide solutions for its customers in safeguarding and protecting scattered assetsin the efficiency of their management costs and realizing new ways to manage existing keys.

MY Smartlock is a security solution for assets, substations, panels and others that have many advantages in terms of quality of materials / padlock material, key management (Smart Key) which is equipped with a centralized management system that uses information technology while still prioritizing ease and speed in its use.

PT Mulya Jatra as the holder of the MY Smartlock brand in accordance with the brand certificate issued by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights on the date of receipt January 11, 2017 with IDM Registration Number 000604602.


Sanmi Corporation manufactures High Vacuum Oil Purifier which greatly contributes to power plants, substations in Japan and overseas countries. Sanmi Vacuum Oil Purifiers for preventive maintenance of power transformers in substations. Our generation also produces test equipment and gauges. Vacuum Oil Purifier for transformer oil isolation, Oil cooler.

Sanmi high vacuum spraying oil is designed for use in treating the electrical insulating oil in oil-filled electrical equipment. Through dehydrators, degasification, filtration processes, dissolved gases and moisture, solid particles, contamination can be completely lost. Sanmi quality vacuum oil purifier is widely used in factory workshop, power transmission and generating station. By utilizing Sanmi's high vacuum sanitizer, insulating oil quality can be improved and the deteriorated oil can be reclaimed which can extend the life of the insulating oil and ensure the safety operation of oil-filled equipment.

BROM Chemicals

BROM, is a trademark of Chemicals Maintenance Products for the needs of various sectors: Industry, electricity, mining, shipping, hospitals and office. BROM committed to provide the best products to consumers in support of care.

We have experienced chemists and environmental experts in the field, so as to be able to design excellent superior products. With Motto: CHEMICALS AS NATIONAL POWER, under the Sinar Putra Baja company established since 1996, BROM has been registered in the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights of the Ministry of Justice & Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia. No: ID M000067264.

Products :

  • Solvent Wash
  • Semi Solvent
  • Bio Degreaser
  • Rust-D (Rust Cleaner)
  • Penetrating Oil
  • Electric Motor Cleaner
  • Contact Cleaner
  • PCB & Instrument Cleaner
  • Anti Seize
  • Crack Detector
  • Rust Converter Coating
  • Filter Wash
  • Hand Cleaner
  • Carbon Remover
  • Power Protection
  • Gasket Remover
  • Red Insulating Varnish
  • Paint Stripper
  • Isolator Protection Cleaner
  • Metal Cleaner


Apar Power oil has a wide range of high quality transformer oils from alloparaffinic hydroduced / hydrocracked oils that are processed free of polar compounds and have very high oxidation stability and aging properties that guarantee long service life. Low sulfur sulfur oil with low viscosity concentration ensures excellent cooling characteristics, high solvency and low corrosivity and very low refined paraffin oil greatly helps non-corrosive properties. This optimal processed oil transformer also has excellent electrical and insulation properties, oxidation stability and a controlled low or negative tendency of exhaust gases.

  • APAR Transformer Oil
  • APAR Transformer Oil
  • APAR Transformer Oil
  • APAR Transformer Oil


Kharcoal is a conductive material that serves to help increase soil conductivity in areas of high value such as sandy areas, rocks, containing oxide material and so forth. KHARCOAL can reduce grounding soil by more than half compared to using KHARCOAL. KHARCOAL is a conductive cement made from carbon which will harden if it contains water so that it will have permanent properties and not be easily eroded when it rains. KHARCOAL has non-corrosive properties, while protecting planted soil stems from wear.